Dive Into a Clean, Pristine Pool

Count on us for pool services in Point Pleasant & Belmar, NJ

Millennium Pools & Spas is based in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, and provides our customers pool and spa services in: weekly maintenance, openings, closings, safety covers, filters, pumps, heater installation or repairs, extensive leak detection, liner replacement, plumbing repairs, and a complete line of chemicals and supplies. We can provide professional pool or spa maintenance, relieving you of the task and improving your quality of life in the process of leaving you no worries of ongoing time consuming issues with your investment. You simply enjoy your time for what they are meant for: Recreation & Relaxation. Time is a precious commodity in this hurry-up world we live in. Instead of worrying about the cleanliness and condition of your pool or spa, why not let Millennium Pools and Spas do those jobs for you?

Covering all your pool maintenance

We offer a WEEKLY MAINTENANCE PROGRAM that will provide you with a level of service that suits your requirements. Just a few of the jobs we include with our pool services are:

We also install and repair heaters, filters and pumps, and we sell chemicals and supplies for pool upkeep. Call 732-295-0034 or 1-866-766-4100 today for your pool maintenance needs.

Why should you choose our pool pros?

When it comes to pool services, there's only one company you should choose - Millennium Pools and Spas. We provide excellent customer service and top-notch work for everyone. To best serve our customers, we:

  • Treat each one like family
  • Educate our teams continuously
  • Stay up to date on the details of our products

Additionally, we have over 30 years of experience, and we're a member of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association. Our highly qualified teams take pride in their work and always provides unbeatable service.

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